Will Gridset work with my favorite framework, or CMS?

In short: yes, it should! Gridset’s CSS output is built to only apply to the values you have entered for the prefixes of your grids. It should be able to slot in nicely with any other framework, such as Bootstrap or Foundation. Many users have reported trying this and not encountering any issues.

The only problems that can arise are when CMSs generate random class names that may coincidentally contain one of your grid classes. We've seen this happen in Drupal, though we have since rewritten the output CSS to keep this from happening.

Basically, this is how each selector in our CSS output is written:

[class*=" d4"],[class^=d4]

…meaning it is looking for any class that starts with d4, either at the beginning of the class value, or directly after a space.

The Gridset Sass output would not be vulnerable to these issues as you set your own selectors there.