Browser & device support


The Gridset app is supported in all modern browsers and IE9+. The app is only optimized for use on desktop screen sizes, for use with a mouse and keyboard.

Gridset CSS and overlay

The Gridset CSS and overlay is supported for all modern browsers and IE7+. The CSS and overlay should work in all device browsers as well, including browsers found on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

The Gridset CSS differs slightly for IE9 and IE less than 8. In order to make sure that the browser loads the correct CSS for these browsers, please make sure to use the conditional statements detailed in the documentation. You can also view your demo.html (in your download .zip file) to see the correct setup for your set.

You may see slightly different results in IE8 and IE7, and earlier device browsers, but we are constantly working to provide the best layout solutions across all browsers and devices.

If you have any specific question about support, please email us at