Accessing invoices through Recurly

At Gridset, we do not hold any of your payment data in our servers. We leave such sensitive information to the experts. That is why when you need to retrieve your invoices, we ask that you download them from our payment processing handler, Recurly.

To access your invoices, first go to your Account page by clicking the link at top right in the app. Towards the bottom of the page, you will find a link to retrieve past invoices. Clicking this link will take you to our Recurly site.

You can also access the Recurly login page here:

We do not create this account for you, and your Recurly login is not connected to your Gridset login. If you have not created a Recurly login, you will need to do create one by entering your Gridset email in the field under “Request or reset your password”. This will allow you to request a password to allow you access to your invoices.